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REVIEW: The Forgotten by Claudia Carozza

Title: The Forgotten
Author:  Claudia Carozza
Series:  The Barronlands Trilogy (Book #2)
Reviews in Series:  The Twenty (Book #1)
Pages:  282
Publisher:  Self-Published
Date Published:  September 23, 2012
Source:  Received from Author for Honest Review


Hazel's job at the Antioch didn't work out at all like she had planned. After a daring escape and one very risky delivery of the first baby born in years, she's still holding on to the hope of a better future. Out of the Antioch and on the run, who can Hazel turn to for help and can they really be trusted? In the second book of the Barronlands Trilogy, relationships are tested and even more secrets are revealed. Hazel tries to put the pieces together, hoping everything doesn't fall apart. Will she be able to hold it all together or will there be those who slip through the cracks?


The Forgotten picks up right where The Twenty left off, and we're immediately thrown into the adventure.  Hazel and her friends have escaped the Antioch and are on the run.  Some have gone into hiding; some have chosen to fight.  With everything she's up against, Hazel is having a hard time keeping it together.  Her friends are all leaning on her, and she isn't sure she's up to the job of leading this group of misfits.
There is so much to love about this series!  First of all we have two super hot guys.  They are strong, sexy characters, and you can't help but love them both.  If you've read The Twenty you know just how hard it is to pick a favorite.  I know I can't!  One minute I think I like Luka best.  He's the tough and sexy bad boy.  It's apparent that he's totally into Hazel, and he's extreme.  But, then there's Shane.  We only got a glimpse of who Shane really is in The Twenty.  His real bad-ass personality comes blazing through in The Forgotten.  He wants Hazel, and while he's more laid back and quite, he's also pretty damn passionate about it.  He kinda makes me melt. 
Now, let's talk about Hazel.  In The Twenty she goes to the Antioch prepared to make a better life for herself and her family.  She has no idea what she's getting herself into.  When I reviewed The Twenty I had this to say about Hazel:   "I immediately liked and respected Hazel. She is selfless and will do whatever it takes to protect the people she cares about. She's self assured and amazingly strong willed, and when things get tough she squares her shoulders and marches ahead, even pushing everyone else behind her."  This is exactly how I would describe her in The Forgotten, but she's wiser, tougher and even more selfless.  She's gotten to be quite the bad-ass herself!  The trials she and her friends are going through weigh heavily on her, sometimes breaking her down, but she never fails to stand tall and kick ass. 
The Forgotten is much more action packed and full of adventure.  We meet some new people, some I like and some, not so much.  I'm not sure who I trust, yet.  We lose some of our group, some with no idea as to their whereabouts.  Some questions are answered, usually leaving you with another.  We find out that the Antioch has many more secrets that we first thought.  I'm still not sure what the Antioch is up to, but I'm enjoying finding out one piece of the mystery at a time.  I am completely and thoroughly captivated by this amazing series, and I can't wait until the third and final book comes out!
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