Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pushing the Limits READ-A-LONG ~ Week 2

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This is week two and today's questions are brought to you from The Page Turners. Be sure to stop by there and see what this weeks prize is as well!


­­­Noah and Echo create a plan to read their files. What do you think of this plan? Would you read your friends file first knowing you might not have time to read your own? Would you want to read your own file?
*From the moment they decided to read their files all I could think was "bad idea!"  I can understand why they wanted to read them though.  I loved that Echo read Noah's file first!  It showed that she really cared about him.  I think if I were in Noah's place I would want to read my file because it would kill me to not know where my brothers were, but in Echo's place I'm not sure.  Maybe not knowing is easier.

Mrs. Collins starts to earn Noah’s trust by taking him to see his brother win a writing contest. What do you think of how she’s handling Noah? How would you feel if you were in Noah’s position, hearing that your brother sees you as his hero?
*This was one of the most emotional parts of the book!  I loved it!  I love that Mrs. Collins cared enough to do something so great for Noah.  Not only did he need to see his brothers, but he needed to hear that he was his brother's hero.  Noah needed a reason to keep working towards his future.

Echo is starting to draw and paint again. She’s starting to express the feelings and what she’s seeing as she’s starting to remember what happened that day. Art therapy seems to be a popular way for people to deal with their feelings, why do you think Echo’s dad didn’t want her to continue with art since it was such a big part of her and is part of so many people’s therapy in dealing with similar issues?
*Her dad didn't want her doing anything that might make her the same as her mother.  Since her mother would get so lost in her artwork he was afraid the same thing would happen to Echo.  I don't think he ever really even thought of it as therapy.  I just scared him.

We see how crazy Beth’s home life is and we start to understand why she is not as keen to be trusting with people in her life. At the same time, we get to see how fiercely loyal Noah is. What do you think of the way Noah reacted to Beth being beaten by her mother’s boyfriend? Do you think it’s showing bad behavior that could get Noah in more trouble or the act of a true friend?
*I think it's a bit of both.  There's no denying that Noah is a loyal friend, but that wouldn't matter if he ended up arrested for fighting again.  He has to learn to think about the consequences of his actions, and getting the trust of his brother's foster family should have been more important that attacking Beth's  mother's boyfriend.  While a noble action it didn't really accomplish anything.

Echo has an unusual name. What do you think of the story behind it? Is there a Greek Myth or other story that would inspire you to name a child after a character?
*I love her name!  It's unusual, but not too weird.  I love Greek Mythology, but I think most of the names are too far out there for me.  Even her brother, Ares, name is a bit too much.  I mean, who wants to be named after the God of War?  I did find it a bit ironic that he seemed to be such a gentle soul. 

Echo’s big thing is trying to find “normal” again. She doesn’t want to be the scared girl or the girl who can’t remember what happened to her, she just wants to be normal. This goal impacts her relationships with her family, friends, Noah and her ex Luke. But at the end of this section, Echo is starting to figure out that there’s no going back to old normal and she’s going to have to find a new normal. How big of a step is it for Echo when she realizes she’s not “in” love with Luke and figures out that she does need to find a new normal?
*I'd definitely say it's a big step.  No one can go through the emotional train wreck that she went through and expect to go back to the way things once were.  Even if her friends and family didn't look at or treat her differently SHE'S different now.  She has to realize this in order to heal.
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