Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pushing the Limits READ-A-LONG ~ Week 3

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1. In the beginning of this section Noah decides to ignore Echo because he's angry and hurt. What did you think of this? Have you ever experienced a friendship that went awry and they started ignoring you?
*I was frustrated with his behaviour at first, but I understand how hard it is for him to trust people.  I think maybe he just felt like he was better off if they just weren't friends.
2. Noah has a bit of a false reputation. Everyone thinks he's a big druggie and a guy that just randomly hooks up with girls. While some of it is true to a certain extent, we see it's not really him. Have you ever had a false reputation where people draw their own conclusions? Do you think Noah should do something to make people not think that about him?
*I think Noah has a "who-cares-what-others-think" attitude.  I like that about him, but if he wants to have any kind of relationship with his brothers he'll have to work on his reputation.

3. Ashley finds out she's having a boy and informs Echo she will have a brother 'again'. Echo took this very personally and was extremely upset. Do you think Echo overreacted? Do you think Ashley meant that the new brother would replace her brother?
*It was a very insensitive comment for Ashley to make, but I don't really think she meant for the baby to replace Ares.  I guess she was hoping that the new baby might help bring a sense of family back.

4. Echo doesn't remember what happened with her mother and for this reason she has troubles seeing her the way everyone else does. She can't seem to not miss her and still wants to talk to her. Do you think she should pursue finding her mom? Do you think it will help her or do you think she would be in danger?
*There's a reason there's a protective order in place, so finding her mother may not be the best option.  However, there's also no way she can really understand until she remembers.  And even then I don't really think she could just stop missing having a mother in her life.

5. Noah doesn't trust the people who have his brothers because of his own past situations. He decides to seek out a lawyer himself and try to get custody. Do you think this is his best move? Do you think there are some other options he should consider?
*I can definitely understand why he would want to have custody of his brothers.  But he needs to realize that he will never be able to give them the life they deserve, and he'll be giving up his own life in order to take care of them.  I think the best thing he can do is work towards the right to see his brothers whenever he wants and developing a relationship with the foster family so that they can trust him.

6. Echo finds out that Noah and his parents built houses for Habitat for Humanity. Have you ever volunteered for something like that? What is a cause that you feel strongly about?
*I've never volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, but I've always thought it was a great cause. 
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