Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Delivered with Love

Delivered with Love by Sherry Kyle

Delivered with Love

An old love letter found in the glove compartment of a young woman's inherited 1972 Volkswagen propels her to leave her life in Los Angeles and go to the small town of Capitola, California. There her dream of finding the writer of the letter leads her on an unexpected journey that changes her life forever.

After Claire's mother dies she finds herself working as a waitress in a job she hates and living with her sister and her husband.  When Claire is fired from her crappy job her brother-in-law kicks her out of the house.  With no idea what to do or where to go she packs her bags and jumps in the 72 VW Bug that belonged to her mother.  With nothing more to go on than a love letter to her mother that she finds in the glove compartment, signed only with the letter M, she sets off in search of the man that once loved the mother she misses so badly.  She's not even sure what it is she's looking for, but what she finds is "home".

This is a really, really cute story.  I feel a bit  bad that I'm only giving it 3 stars when I did enjoy it so much, but the problem is there are just too many coincidences.  We've all had that, "Wow!  It's a small world!" moment, but the ones (yes, more than one!) in this book are just a bit too unbelievable.  Other than that I really enjoyed the book and I recommend it to anyone that is in the mood for a quick chick lit and/or Christian lit read with a little romance thrown in.

I gave Delivered with Love 3 stars.

*I got this book as a Kindle Freebie! (Not free now.)
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