Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stronger Through Christ: A Mother's Memoir

Stronger Through Christ by Ami Dark-Rosen

Stronger Through Christ

Life doesn’t always go as planned. How many times have you asked the Lord why bad things have happened to you or those you love? I have asked Him that question countless times throughout my life when hardships have come my way. When I was five years old, I encountered a curveball that I was not expecting; this curveball has altered my life in such a way that has caused me to ask the Lord for His forgiveness. Thankfully, that bump in the road afforded me with blessings and joy. But, just as I had begun to relish in those blessings, the Lord presented me with another difficulty to overcome. The struggle that resulted forced me to learn how to cope with a new way of life; and I would not have survived without Jesus Christ holding my hand and guiding me through. He has turned the hardships into opportunities for growth, enrichment, and encouragement. I began this memoir as a gift for my daughter, Sarah. My wish for her is to recognize that she is a child of God’s and that her life, and every life, has purpose.
Ami was diagnosed with diabetes as a child.  This is her story of how God has been there with her as the disease has attempted to control her life.  She went through her childhood always feeling different from her friends.  In her teenage years she didn't take very good care of herself.  Like most teenagers it wasn't the most important thing going on in her life...or so she thought.  Unfortunately this proves to be detrimental to her future and she soon finds herself fighting for her life.  Even though she wins the battle, her life is never the same and she realizes her life will be a battle from that point on.  Although she struggles with where her life is, often times feeling bitter and sorry for herself, she never looses faith in God.  She knows this is His ultimate plan for her and she trusts Him.  The author's committment to the Lord is an amazing thing, and she is extremely encouraging.  I would recommend this book to anyone who has gone through a difficult life and questions where God is when you need him. 

I did find several grammer/typo mistakes in the book, but it wasn't bad enough to become distracting.  It is a quick and enjoyable read.

I recieved this book free for reviewing.

I give this book 2.5 stars.
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